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Mr. Derek McMinn, the inventor of the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing Device.

Mr. Derek McMinn, the inventor of the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing Device.

Hip Resurfacing Educational Foundation, Incorporated (HREF) a 501c3 Non profit, has been created by Vicky Marlow world recognized Patient Advocate for Hip Resurfacing (presenting in the video below) to support the work that she started some seven years ago as a patient herself for the Modern bone-conserving procedure, invented by the eminent UK orthopaedic surgeon, Mr Derek McMinn, now known as the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing (BHR) hip operation.

NOTE: The HREF, Inc. is a 501c3 non profit organization, with tax exempt status.

Bone Conservation and Quality of Life

Unlike a total hip replacement, most of the arthritic patient’s femur is preserved, with the femoral head of the hip receiving a “new surface”.

Besides conserving bone, the recovery and “normality” offered by this operation is dramatic.

The hip replacement operation, including all kinds of hip replacement medical devices, is one of the most successful and dramatic surgeries carried out around the world – about 500,000 a year.


Unfortunately, the Hip Resurfacing operation has not been widely adopted, with many surgeons not even advising their patients that Hip Resurfacing is an option. Part of this has been the adverse publicity associated with metal on metal hip joints due to the recall of the DePuy ASR device and the need for extremely skilled surgeons since this procedure is a lot more difficult than a total hip replacement surgery. However, the medical science moves on rapidly and other materials will soon follow for Hip Resurfacing devices and will be implanted in the next couple of years by Mr. McMinn and his world-leading team.


The Aim of the Foundation

Diagram of the hip showing the placement of the BHR prosthesis,. You can see most of the femoral bone is "conserved".

The aim of The Hip Resurfacing Educational Foundation Inc. is to educate the wider community and arthritic hip sufferers, in particular, of the benefits for young active patients associated with the Hip Resurfacing procedure and outcomes. It is not for everyone, but it is an important option that most patients should be made aware of in their informed decision-making process.


Many of us are “so far gone” with pain and inability to lead a normal life that when we are presented with a hip replacement as an option, we are so grateful that we do not pause and reflect on what might be the best option for us. Often too, the surgeon does not stop and think about this and instead just promotes, with the best of intentions, what he or she has done hundreds of times before.

How can we have “informed consent” when we are not presented with the options – there is a banquet but we just get one choice!!!



Support the Work of the Foundation

By supporting the work of The Hip Resurfacing Educational Foundation Inc.you will be assisting more and more patients around the world to weigh options for their hip surgery operation and truly make an “informed decision”, having done their homework and considered the evidence before them.

We look forward to working with you to meet our mission of informing the world of this wonderful alternative to a total hip replacement!

Welcome on board!

Vicky Marlow


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Please help our Foundation continue to educate the patient community and provide valuable up to date information to the through our websites, conferences and support group, by donating here. Hip Resurfacing Educational Foundation, Inc is a 501cc3 non profit organization, your donation is greatly appreciated and tax deductible.